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Lecture (Prof. Zilles)         09.30-10.15

Macroscopical and topographical anatomy of the human brain demonstrated on anatomical and MR images

Coffee break          10.15-10.30

Hand-Out and exercises in 3 groups       10.30-12.00

Plastinated preparations of entire brains and of coronal, horizontal and sagittal sections; assignment to functional systems.

Lunch break           12.00 – 13.00

Lecture (Dr. Palomero-Gallagher)       13.00-13.45

Cingulate Cortex: Anatomy and function

Coffee break          13.45-14.00

Lecture (Prof. Dr. Dr. Caspers)        14:00-14:45

Fiber tracts in the human brain

Coffee break          14.45-15.00

Hand-Out and practical exercises       15.00-16.30

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