Carmen Weidler
Carmen WeidlerPhD
I did my PhD within the International Research Training Group IRTG2150 on the the effect of prefrontal tDCS on aggression and impulsivity with regard to the COMT and OPRM1 genotype using fMRI in healthy and alcohol dependent participants.
Leonie Löffler
Leonie LöfflerPhD
Andrei Alexandru Puiu
Andrei Alexandru PuiuPhD
I obtained my Ph.D. in neuroscience investigating neuroendocrine markers of healthy and pathological aggression. My research interests include neuroimaging, (Bayesian) statistics, neuroendocrinology, neuroeconomics, developmental disorders, and cognitive control.
Lisa Wagels
Lisa Wagels
After graduating in Psychology at the University Tübingen, I started PhD in 2013 at the University Hospital Aachen. I conducted studies on the neural modulation of social stress, aggression and risky decision-making in healthy and patient groups. My research interest is the investigation of diverse brain mechanisms that underlie social behaviors in humans. Currently, I am specifically interested in hormonal modulation of the brain e.g. via exogenous testosterone.
Mikhail Votinov
Mikhail VotinovPhD
I have a background in biology and cognitive neuroscience. My research interests lie in neurobiology of decision-making, reward system, social interactions and neuroeconomics.
Benjamin Clemens
Benjamin ClemensPhD
After obtaining my Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Maastricht University, I pursued my PhD at RWTH Aachen University. In my research I combine both fMRI and non-invasive brain stimulation, to study the neurobiological mechanisms underlying attention, memory and executive functions. More recently, I started to examine the influence of gender and aggression on fMRI-based resting-state networks.
Aliaksandra Shymanskaya
Aliaksandra ShymanskayaPhD