4 03, 2020

Alex received his PhD

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Andrei A. Puiu received his Ph.D. Thesis title : “Neural and hormonal markers of healthy and pathological aggression“. Congratulations Alex!!!!

4 12, 2019

Ting-Yat received his Ph.D.

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Ting-Yat Wong received his Ph.D. Title is "Neural networks associated with aggression in healthy population and psychiatry patients". Congratulations Ting-Yat!!!!

11 10, 2019

Teresa received her Ph.D.

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Teresa Melanie Karrer received her Ph.D. Title is "Data science - applications in clinical neuroscience". Congratulations Teresa!!!!

1 10, 2019

Susanne received her Ph.D.

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Susanne Stickel received her Ph.D. Title is "Brain Functional Correlates of Affective Disorders in Women of Reproductive Age". Congratulations Susi!!!

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