1 08, 2022

Philippa published review paper

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Philippa published her paper: A Systematic Review on Common and Distinct Neural Correlates of Risk-taking in Substance-related and Non-substance Related Addictions at the journal Neuropsychology Review. Congratulations, Philippa!

20 07, 2022

Katharina Otten published review

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Katharina published review paper: Pre- and postnatal antibiotic exposure and risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder–A systematic review and meta-analysis combining evidence from human and animal studies at Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews journal. Congratulations Katharina!!

19 11, 2021

Nature Neuroscience Publication

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We would like to announce, that  Julia Mohrhardt ( doctoral student at IRTG2150) and Prof.Marc Spehr (PI at IRTG2150 and Speaker at RTG2416) published their research paper Ventral striatal islands of Calleja neurons control grooming in mice at the Nature Neuroscience Journal. Great Suceess!! Congratulations Julia and Marc!!